The infrastructure layer between IoT and blockchain

We allow companies to craft a secure IoT infrastructure, powered by any kind of blockchain.

What do we enable?

Infrastructure as you need it

We build the infrastructure, you focus on the use case. No need for in-house experience, your blockchain network is just a few clicks away.

Your smart device is now blockchain enabled

We provide an open-source blockchain library tailored specifically for resource-constrained systems. Decentralized superpowers for your IoT device, with just a single function call.

Blockchain choice is not immutable

You won’t be tied to a single specific chain - we support many chains proven to be production ready. Choose whatever fits your project, play and feel free to switch chain if needed.

Everything you need to integrate blockchain into your IoT project.

How does it work?

Embedded wallet

A lightweight blockchain software client running on your IoT device. Compatible with all the major hardware architectures. Built with security in mind, featuring over-the-air updates and integrity checks.

Anyledger Hub

An IoT platform focused on blockchain. From basic nodes infrastructure to industry specific cloud services. Connect to your blockchain nodes using industry-standard protocols.

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Use Cases

Supply Chain

Goods are constantly moving in a heterogeneous and fragmented supply chain environment. Having many different actors, particularly for international trades, leads to lack of traceability, poor auditability and increased friction. Companies using AnyLedger can setup a customized blockchain solution for their supply chain, without worrying about the underlying complexity, saving time and money due to increased transparency and compliance.

Smart Sensors

Sensors around us continuously acquire, process and transmit data. These environmental data will be increasingly used by weather, insurances and healthcare companies. Smart cities and smart cars will crucially rely on these sensors, and yet the current security standard are strongly suboptimal. AnyLedger blockchain solutions allow seamless deployment of tamper proof sensors, which can be controlled remotely and already feature an embedded mechanism to monetize the data.

Smart Electric Grids

The dramatic cost reduction of solar and wind energy technology is bringing a decentralized revolution in the electric sector, solving the long standing issues of load management and single point of failure of the centralized architecture. Still, the current system is extremely cumbersome and peer-to-peer buying and selling electricity is a challenge. Integrating the AnyLedger blockchain stack, electric generators can easily execute the smart contracts for buying, certifying and selling electricity.

IoT Security

Some connected devices require very high standard of security, either because they are very expensive, potentially dangerous or life-critical. Examples are industrial machinery and medical devices. AnyLedger leverages the blockchain to assure firmware integrity, device authentication, tamper proof over-the-air updates and device lifecycle management.

The long term vision: Technical Whitepaper

"We introduce an open source programmable embedded wallet which connects the physical world to the blockchain. Every physical asset will be able to exchange value and interact with smart contracts. This novel capability is provided by a platform composed of an embedded wallet, a broker and a wallet fleet manager. Once connected to a sensor or to an existing IoT device, the embedded wallet is able to communicate to the broker which acts as a bridge to a specific blockchain ecosystem. With the growing number of IoT devices which now can become individual wallets, there will be need for wallet fleet orchestration. The wallet fleet manager delivers end-to-end decentralized IoT wallet fleet orchestration which eliminates the need for centralized trust brokers."

Contact Us

Core Team

Lorenzo Pieri


PhD in Theoretical Physics and contributions to the field of quantum gravity. Science and tech enthusiast, focusing in the last years on blockchain, IoT and space exploration. Representative of a new business paradigm, applying the scientific method to entrepreneurship.

Andrew Chiw "Chiwbaka"


Blockchain and Backend developer. Expert in building high security and B2B architectures. Worked at Quantum Resistant Ledger and B2BPay.

Jozef Henzl

Lead Developer

Full Stack Developer. Embedded, backend, blockchain. 10+ years of experience, worked on 2° layer scalability solutions and micropayments for Ethereum (Raiden Network).

Mohit Agnihotri


IoT Developer. Master's degree in embedded systems at KTH Royal Istitute of Technology. 10+ years of experience, worked at Philips, Ericsson, Huawei.

Bogdan Djukic

Technical Advisor

Leadership and Engineering positions at Microsoft. Spent years developing Skype line of products. A decade of experience developing complex software projects. Passionate about deep tech. Tinkerer. Hacker. Builder.

Philip Mohr

Business Advisor

Founder of two startups, worked 6 years @ HitFox Group incubator, specialised in fund raising, business development and mobile marketing.

Quirin Blendl

Industry Advisor

Director of Cybersecurity and Digital Policy at VdTUV, deep expertise in the IoT regulatory landscape.

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